BG Therm

Company Profile

BG Therm is a private company founded in 1995.The head office of the company is located in Sofia. The company has totally eight offices with warehouses in the biggest cities in country: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Rousse, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Blagoevgrad and more than forty distributors in the other important cities.

The staff is more than 110 persons. Most of them are high qualified engineers and specialists.

Scope of activity

Import and supply of components and equipment for:

  • heating systems
  • residential and commercial air–conditioning systems
  • ventilation systems
  • water supply systems
  • building management systems
  • fire–fighting and fire–protection systems

The company has good developed transport and offers to the customers supplies at place covering the whole territory of the country.

Engineering and drawing works:

The technical department of the company, with his good knowledge on the offered equipment is able to prepare engineering concepts technical drawings for :

  • simple
  • well dimensioned
  • efficient and
  • easy to maintain installations

Building management systems:

Thanks to partnerships with Honeywell and Centra, the company offer the engineering and the supply of building management systems.


BG Therm ltd. has a very well equipped service room. The service maintenance cover all the products offered by the company and it is made on all the territory. The maintenance of the gas boilers is 24/24 hours per day. The company is authorized service partner of Viessmann, Grundfos, Giersch and other producers. In the service training centre are made education programs for installer companies working with the distributed equipment.

The company obtain a Certificate No.: С204 /21.06.2007 г. issued by the State agency of metrology and technical control about the maintenance, service of gas appliances, steam and hot water boilers, pressurized vessels and pipelines for steam and hot water.

Energy efficiency

BG Therm ltd. is specializing in the field of the energy efficiency and the utilization of the energy resources. The company makes:

  • Projecting and installing of co–generation modules for the production of electrical and heat energy.
  • Heating installations using biomass.
  • Solar systems for hot water and heating

BG Therm ltd. is in a long term partnerships with more than 50 leading producer companies in this branch. The company imports and distribute the following brands:

  • Industrie Pasotti Spa. (Italy) — aluminium radiators
  • Korado AD (Bulgaria) — steel panel radiators
  • Viessmann Gmbh. (Germany) — heating systems, solar systems, steam and hot water boilers
  • Eko Vimar (Poland) — wood boilers
  • OPOP (Slovakia) — steel wood boilers
  • Immergas (Italy) — cast iron boilers
  • Giersch Gmbh. (Germany) — gas and oil burners
  • Carrier (USA) — air–conditioning systems
  • Venco Climatizzazione Srl. (Italy) — chillers and heat pumps
  • SokraTherm Gmbh. (Germany) — co–generators
  • Politechnik (Austria) — industrial boilers
  • Grundfos Gmbh. (Denmark) — pumps for heating and water supply system, waste water systems
  • Honeywell Gmbh. (Germany) — heating equipment, controls, building management systems
  • Outo Kumpu (Finland) — copper pipes
  • FV Plast sro. (Czech Republic) — PPR pipes and fittings
  • C.I.M.M. Srl. (Italy) — expansion vessels
  • Tiemme Spa (Italy) — brass fittings and valves
  • General Fittings Spa. (Italy) — brass fittings
  • MBM Spa. (Italy) — flexible hoses

and many other companies

Commercial policy

The commercial policy of BG Therm ltd. is based on:

  • distribution of products with approved high quality, reliability, produced by European and world technology
  • suppling of the products over the whole terriyory of the country by the enlargment of the distributors networs and the sales points
  • maintenance of optimal stock quantities in the warehouses in all regional offices at every time of the year
  • complexity of the customer service — engineering, drawing works, supply and service
  • transport to the door of the customer
  • complex delivery of equipment and material to the building companies, installers and distributors companies
  • reliable 24–hour service of the equipment
  • high technical level of the commercial, technical and service staff of the company

Financing of the sales

BG Therm ltd. offer to his customers different instruments of financing of the sales. The main partners of the company uses specials financial schemes incl. delayed payments.

From the beginning of the year 1995 a collaboration was made with few Bulgarian banks and leasing companies in order to provide to the customers attractive financial conditions.

The company supports the customers in receiving credits for stock through the following financial institutions:

  • Unicredit Bulbank plc.— for gas systems;
  • Unicredit Clarima plc.— for heating and air–conditioning systems;
  • REECL (energy efficiency fund) — thru few commercial banks for the energy efficiency equipment
  • Kühn & Partner — leasing company, witch offer delayed payment, buys on credit and low interest leasing schemes for projects and important installations

BG Therm office building

Main office

17 “akad. St. Mladenov” Blvd.
1700 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel.: (+359 2) 969 71 00
Fax: (+359 2) 862 54 11

General manager

Tel.: (+359 2) 9697 100
Fax: (+359 2) 862 54 10
e–mail: bgt@bgtherm.com

Sales manager

Tel.: (+359 2) 9697 170
Fax: (+359 2) 862 54 11
e–mail: sales@bgtherm.com

Marketing and advertisement manager

Tel.: (+359 2) 9697 107
Fax: (+359 2) 862 54 10
e–mail: marketing@bgtherm.com

Accountant general

Tel.: (+359 2) 9697 167
Fax: (+359 2) 862 54 10
e–mail: bgtacc@bgtherm.com

Technical department

Tel.: (+359 2) 9697 127
Fax: (+359 2) 862 54 10
e–mail: kv@bgtherm.com

Service manager

Tel.: (+359 2) 9697 116
Fax: (+359 2) 862 54 10
e–mail: service@bgtherm.com